About 言之画

"Painting in Words" supports 8 creative styles including 2D, steampunk, and illustration. Users only need to input text, and "Word Painting" can generate 8 2K high-resolution images with realistic light and shadow and rich details at one time.

In addition to generating graphs with text, it also has AI drawing capabilities such as generating graphs with graphs, animation generation, and personalized avatar generation, which greatly enriches users' creative methods. For enterprise users, "Yanzhihua" also supports exclusive model customization, allowing enterprise users to customize the model style according to their own needs, and supports multi-person collaborative production to better meet the drawing needs of enterprises. At present, "Yanzhihua" has reached an exploration intention with the home decoration design platform Kujiale. On the Kujiale platform, users can easily change the decoration style by simply describing their needs in words with the help of "Yanzhihua". , Adjust the position of furniture, etc., and then design a decoration plan that you like.

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