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On the basis of the ability to generate text, images, sounds, etc., in order to allow video content creators to create novel, vivid and interesting works faster and better, we explored the AI digital image creation and live broadcast platform "Wonderful Yuan" in the internal test .

According to reports, the "Wonderful Yuan" platform currently has over 100 digital humans, over 1,000 3D digital assets, and over 1,000 voices. With multi-modal generation technology, the "Wonderful Yuan" platform currently supports three different forms of digital human generation: image modeling (2D digital human), video modeling (2.5D digital human), and 3D modeling (3D digital human). . Its image cloning function only needs a 5-minute real-life video material to reproduce the user's image and demeanor 1:1, creating a digital human clone with the same voice and natural movements for the user.

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