About 稿定AI

Drafting AI provides a variety of AI design tools, including AI drawing, AI copywriting, AI product drawing, AI material, AI scene drawing, etc. Allows you to easily achieve high-quality, high-efficiency design creation, saving time and cost.

Draft AI, see the future from here

AI drawing, one picture, one sentence, ideas come to fruition faster

AI design, generation, fusion, produced in one second

AI copywriting, conception, ideas, one-click creativity

AI circle, touch more AI creative inspiration at any time

Specific introduction

Design publicity map

Users only need to upload a base map and a custom theme, and then use this function to generate a well-typed publicity map. Users can also customize the purpose of the promotional image according to their own needs, such as publishing it on Xiaohongshu.


This function includes various common Stable Diffusion models and lora, which can be used for normal AI drawing.


Similar to drawing, but the preset style is different, including a lot of illustrations and abstract background style materials.

Commodity map

Users only need to upload a product picture with a white background and select a scene, and the product can be integrated into the selected scene, and the effect is very good.


The user only needs to input the copy, and this function will generate a promotional copy of the corresponding style, such as Xiaohongshu style.

Petal AI circle

This is an AI drawing community for communication and sharing, where users can share and discuss their own works.

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