Dogpt: Fork version of AgentGPT without API

📷 Considering that the use of AutoGPT and AgentGPT requires GitHub foundation or filling in the API, which may cause inconvenience to users, the developer launched a fork version of AgentGpt——Dogpt

📷 Click to try, no API required

📷 Support dialogue with 15 questions

📷 DOGPT allows you to play with AI agents! Give your custom AI a name and let it do whatever you want it to do! It achieves its goals by thinking about tasks, performing them, and learning from the results

Product advantages

🔹 Solve the problem of traditional ChatGPT requiring multiple rounds of manual query and low efficiency

🔹 It is the first Autogpt product available in WeChat in China

🔹 Free, continuous iterative optimization of accuracy

🔹 More vertical application scenarios will be explored in the future

are working on these cool features

conversation log

Web browsing

Vertical field role setting

currently available scenarios

📰 News: In-depth analysis of event impact through multiple rounds of queries

⚖️ Law: Provide detailed legal search process and answers

💼 Business: assisting with job descriptions, interview questions and email writing

🧑‍🍳 Life: quick access to food and travel information

🎓 Learning: Automatically query academic papers and teaching materials

Note: Multi-turn conversations are not currently supported. Provide specific clues as much as possible when using it, and use it in conjunction with ChatGPT

future goals

🚀 Expand more vertical fields and provide more professional and efficient solutions

🔍Continuously optimize and iterate the model in combination with the latest product progress

🔧 Fine-tuning content in vertical fields to provide more refined and targeted answers

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