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Welcome to the GuoFeng3 model - (TIP: the name of this version has been fine-tuned). This is a Chinese gorgeous antique style model, which can also be said to be an antique game character model with a 2.5D texture. The third generation greatly reduces the difficulty of getting started, and adds scene elements and male antique characters. In addition, in order to better adapt the model to other TAGs, other style elements are also added. This generation has repaired the broken face and hands to a certain extent, and the size of the material has also increased to the longest side of 1024.

According to personal experiments and feedback received, the second generation of the Guofeng model series performs better than the third generation in terms of characters and big head photos. If you have this need, you can try the second generation.

Version 2.0: https://huggingface.co/xiaolxl/Gf_style2

GuoFeng3: original model

GuoFeng3.1: The portrait of GuoFeng3 has been fine-tuned and repaired

GuoFeng3.2: If you don’t know whether to choose GuoFeng3 or GuoFeng2, you can use this version directly

GuoFeng3.2_Light: Through GuoFeng3.2, Lora based on Noise Offset training is integrated to enable the model to draw more beautiful light and shadow effects (Lora: epi_noiseoffset/Theovercolor8’s Contrast Fix)

GuoFeng3.2_Lora: Guofeng3.2 Lora version

GuoFeng3.2_Lora_big_Light: Guofeng3.2_Light Lora Version Dimension Increase Version

GuoFeng3.2_F16: Guofeng3.2 semi-refined version

GuoFeng3.2_light_f16: Guofeng3.2_Light semi-refined version

GuoFeng3.3: This version is a major update and improvement based on 3.2, which can adapt to full bodies. Even if your tag is not good, the model will automatically modify the screen, but the faces produced by the model will be quite similar. This model doesn’t seem to require supersession. My plot size is 768 * 1024, and the clarity is quite good. Suggest vertical view, horizontal view may not be clear. Euler a is sufficient. (DPM++SDE Karras, DDIM is also good)

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