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About waifu-diffusion-v1-3

The Waifu Diffusion 1.3 model is a Stable Diffusion model that has been finetuned from Stable Diffusion v1.4. I would like to personally thank everyone that had been involved with the development and release of Stable Diffusion, as all of this work for Waifu Diffusion would not have been possible without their original codebase and pre-existing model weights from which Waifu Diffusion was finetuned from.

The data used for finetuning Waifu Diffusion 1.3 was 680k text-image samples that had been downloaded through a booru site that provides high-quality tagging and original sources to the artworks themselves that are uploaded to the site. I also want to personally thank them as well, as without their hardwork the generative quality from this model would not have been feasible without going to financially extreme lengths to acquiring the data to use for training. The Booru in question would also like to remain anonymous due to the current climate regarding AI generated imagery.

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