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Alita AI is an artificial intelligence assistant based on Notion and ChatGPT4, designed to help you with progressive learning, automatic and efficient input of knowledge snippets. It can increase your productivity and save you 2 hours of work time every day!

I. Multi-functional Chat Room

✅ Translation Assistant (polishing, summarizing, analyzing grammar) ✅ Programming Assistant (code explanation, code optimization, code debugging) ✅ Writing Assistant (polishing, summarizing, tagging) ✅ Supports custom multi-functional chat rooms with easy configuration switching (model parameters, brainstorming mode, context message count, prompts)

II. Powerful Script Library

✅ Article Reading (supports generating summaries from Yahoo, Today’s Headlines, NetEase News, Wall Street, and other news or academic websites) ✅ Douban Books (supports generating summary information for Douban Books) ✅ Jingdong Reading (supports generating summaries while reading books) ✅ Video Analysis (supports generating summaries while watching videos on YouTube, Bilibili, etc.) ✅ More under continuous development…

III. Notion AI

✅ Officially authorized by Notion API, with real-time data synchronization ✅ Supports automatic import of all the above content into Notion databases and pages ✅ Supports quickly saving selected text from web pages using right-click context menu ✅ Supports quick input to Notion databases and pages with fixed sidebar tags ❇️ Supports Q&A with private personal knowledge bases in Notion (coming soon)

Advantages and value of Alita AI:

A. Improve your work efficiency and convenience B. Help you efficiently manage learning knowledge, analyze and sort data, and assist in decision-making and guidance C. Transform you into a highly efficient knowledge worker

❤️ We highly value user privacy and security. All stored data is saved locally, and we are a responsible team.

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