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MiniMax is the latest generation of large-scale Chinese language model. Its main goal is to help humans write efficiently, stimulate creativity, acquire knowledge, and make decisions. At present, MiniMax has opened the API experience to enterprises.

As a large language model, MiniMax has multiple functions. First, it can efficiently help users write. For example, according to given guidelines and demand descriptions, it can generate structured text content in a targeted manner, including weekly reports, personal resumes, leave emails, news releases, thesis outlines, official document writing, and post-reading frameworks, etc.

Secondly, MiniMax can also be used as a creative aid to provide efficiency-enhancing services for content production. Based on specific topics or scenarios, it can provide services for creative content production, such as social media release copy, cleverly constructed story scripts, product or service brand marketing copy, and even related topic selection for manuscripts, etc.

In addition, MiniMax can also solve information for users more accurately and efficiently. It can provide valuable additional information to a question and is good at explaining complex concepts, including but not limited to scientific knowledge, human geography, practical information, philosophical history, etc. Its continuous dialogue feature also provides in-depth analysis of user questions to provide better answers.

Finally, as a decision-making auxiliary brain, MiniMax can analyze and refine a large amount of data to generate valuable insights or solutions for users' decision-making. For example, after giving certain background information, it can write a product design plan, market analysis report or event planning for the user.

Founded in December 2021, MiniMax is actively participating in the era of rapid development of artificial intelligence technology in China, and is committed to becoming an infrastructure builder and content application creator in the era of general artificial intelligence. As a domestic technology company that has a general large-scale model engine capability that integrates text, voice, and vision, and has opened up the entire link of the product, the MiniMax team is committed to using the leading general artificial intelligence engine technology through multi-scenario and multi-dimensional applications. And interaction, with the improvement of the magnitude of user feedback and the application practice of multi-modal AI technology integration, it will promote the new paradigm change of general artificial intelligence technology. At the scientific research level of cutting-edge technology, MiniMax has developed a complete set of end-to-end AGI engine system by itself with technology and products as the core driving force. Its underlying infrastructure supports ultra-large-scale cross-model training tasks with extremely efficient parallel computing capabilities; the large-model algorithm capabilities of the three modalities of text, voice, and vision have reached world-class leading levels; the computing platform provides reasoning and optimization capabilities for general models , greatly reducing the product development threshold of artificial intelligence content production (AIGC). Through the cooperation of a complete set of end-to-end R&D links, all products and technologies have achieved biweekly iterations, which is the highest iteration efficiency in the world.

In general, MiniMax has become an important tool in the era of general artificial intelligence with its powerful large model engine capabilities, the integration of various modalities, and leading artificial intelligence engine technology. Whether it is efficient writing, creative assistance, knowledge encyclopedia, or decision-making auxiliary brain, MiniMax has demonstrated strong practicality and potential. Its continuous technology and product research and development, as well as rapid iteration capabilities, also make it full of possibilities in future development.

In addition to advanced technology, the ultimate goal of the large model is to export services to the outside world. Last November, the company released its first product: Glow . After four months, the app has nearly five million users.

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