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April 19 2023 Update:

First of all, thank you so much for 1,000 likes (and counting)! I had no idea this model would do so well. I just found myself using it all the time and decided to share it. It makes me happy that so many people enjoy it! And, I hope this encourages you to share your ai assets with the community as well!

Also, I added version 1.0 Baked Vae. It’s the same as the original version, just includes the anything v4 vae. I was getting consistent results with this baked version, and decided to share it with the community! Can’t wait to see your images!

A model I merged that I just keep coming back to, so I decided to share it.

A 50⁄50 blend of iCoMix v1 and Babes v1.1. Recommended you use a vae. I use anything_v4, which is available for download here.

EasyNegative also works very well with this merge, and minimal negative prompts tend to produce nice results.

I’m already working on some other versions that incorporate new versions of iCoMix and Babes.

Please share your images! I’d love to see what you create.

Thanks to lostdog and alexds9 for their terrific models.

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