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About GeminiX_Mix

GeminiX_Mix is a high-quality Stable-diffusion checkpoint model, produced by Gemini X.

(This is a NSFW model)

This is the first model I published. The previous model was only used by internal teams and partners for commercial use. Now I will share it.

This module supports the generation of characters of various races in the world, including European and American whites, blacks, Latin races and Asians.

You can use it to do anything, but not the following things:

1. Do not involve celebrity avatar training output.

2. The output of products that are sexually exploited by minors must not be involved.

3. No production support for terrorism is allowed.

4. The output of bloody and violent products shall not be involved.

Here are my recommended parameter settings:


(masterpiece, extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper, best quality, Amazing, finely detail, cinematic lighting, highres, ray tracing), {an extremely delicate and beautiful, RAW, perfect anatomy, best shadow},

1girl, solo, black hair, braid, (freckles:0), (large breasts:1.0), naughty expression, pale skin, black dress, pearl necklace, Pearl ear-rings, parted lips, kpop, {{floating hair}} , dynamic pose,

cityscape, outdoors, detailed background, Cyberpunk world, Modern metropolis, neon, Sci-fi style,

Negative Prompts:

(worst quality, normal quality, low quality:1.7), watermark, signature, text, freckles, lowres, monochrome, grayscale, bad proportions, ugly, dirt on face,

Steps: 30

Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras

CFG scale: 13

Hires. Fix(check)


Hire steps : 0

Denoising strength: 0.30

Upscale: 1.5

Thousands of AICG creators have used this model, and everyone’s response is good. If you have any questions, please follow my Twitter and discuss with me:


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