About Protogen v2.2

Research Model - How to Build Protogen

By Downloading you agree to the

CreativeML Open RAIL-M

Running on Apple Silicon devices ? Try this instead

Trigger words are available for the hassan1.4 and f222, might have to google them :)

Live Demo at Available on Hugging Face

Model Weights thanks to reddit user u/jonesaid

This is a cocktail mix of everything, mostly accurate for hands and skin texture, Enjoy!

Comprehensive guide to camera control

Using the tag “modelshoot style” can center the image on the intended subject.

By downloading you agree to any licenses listed below.

Models used - f222_v1.ckpt

- elldrethSLucidMix_V10.cpkt

- hassanBlendAllVersio_hassanBlend14.ckpt

- seek_art_mega_v1.ckpt ( license)

- modelshoot-1.0.ckpt

Fun Camera Prompt Commands by MC Mic

``` (from_above:1.3), (from_below:1.3),(from_side:1.3),(from_behind:1.3),


Movement Control

``` (hand_on_hip:1.2), (sitting:1.2),


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