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ProtoGen_X3.4 - Enbrace the ugly, if you dare…

By Downloading you agree to the

Seek Art Mega License , and the CreativeML Open RAIL-M

Model Weights thanks to reddit user u/jonesaid

Running on Apple Silicon devices ? Try this instead

Trigger words are available for the hassan1.4 and f222, might have to google them :)

Seriously, removing off (ugly) on negative prompts brings out some really detailed shots of what real life consist of, decay, rubble, grass, worned clothing…Have fun and keep it fluffy!

Live Demo at Available on Hugging Face

Comprehensive guide to camera control

This is Protogen_v2.2 with 5% of the following - roboDiffusion_v1.ckpt

- openjourney-v2-unpruned.ckpt

- analog-diffusion-1.0.ckpt

- rpg_v2Beta.ckpt

The result is Photorealism, with RPG elements, Scifi, and some creative flow from OpenJourney model.

Let me know how are the outputs on The Dicussion Below, and I will continue to release more models based on the feedback…Enjoy!

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