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About coloring book

About model

A simple model trained on a custom dataset containing over 100 coloring book type images.

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Download both the ckpt and yaml files. Ensure that the same naming pattern is used and copy them under models/Stable-Diffusion path in your local/cloud SD installation. Stable Diffusion 2.1 is required for the model to work correctly.

Black images issue:

2.1 models need to have a web-ui config modified - if you are getting black images - go to your config file and add to COMMANDLINE_ARGS= --no-half - potentially it could work with --xformers instead (if supported). This line might slow your generations a bit but will not affect negatively your output.

Prompt suggestion:

bichon havanese wearing sunglasses COLR_001, (((white background))), coloring book, line art, high resolution, black and white, colorless

Negative: ((watermark)), (text), color, shading, gradient, shadows, transparency, noisy, blurred

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