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Game Icon Institute_mode

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About Game Icon Institute_mode

This is a model of a large test game ICON, which belongs to the beta version. Welcome to join the QQ group: 489141941 to discuss and give comments, which is convenient for model development. This model is mainly suitable for the generation of game icons. There is no need to add back tags when using it. This version is mass-produced by the Icon Academy model, and everyone is welcome to use and comment for better optimization in the future.

“AI-Independent Game Research Institute”

Established on May 5th, QQ group: 513627886, people who are interested in independent games can come and join our small family to discuss research and learn about the development of independent games.

1. The independent game group is suitable for a group of people who want to make independent games.

2. The group is full of people with common goals, you can do it yourself or find a friend

3. If a family encounters problems, they can chat in the group

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