About XSMix

This model aims to achieve good results with the simplest settings.

Display pictures without using Lora and other plug-ins, what you see is what you get, easy to use.

Try to give consideration to the simulation, reality and aesthetics of the characters.

April 09, 2023 V0.4 version :

This version of the face is more detailed, and there is a better improvement in low resolution, and it will be more obvious in high resolution, and finally the facial features are less likely to be blurred.

April 06, 2023 V0.3 version :

recommended settings

  • Clip Skip Layers: 2

  • Sampling method: DPM++ SDE Karras

Others can use the default settings, and the width and height are recommended to be 512*768, 640*960.

VAE is added on demand.

Suggested hand

  • Prompt:

best quality, masterpiece,intricate detail, depth of field,highest quality,extremely detailed,high res,4k,ultra high res,detailed shadow,ultra realistic,realistic,dramatic lighting,1girl,solo,detailed face,detailed eye,realistic skin,

  • Negative prompt:

easynegative,worst quality,low quality,lowres,text,error,worst quality,blurry,low res,simple background,monochrome,cropped,jpeg artifacts,signature,watermark,username,sketch,bad anatomy,bad hands,missing fingers,extra digit,fewer digits,ugly,vore,duplicate,mut ilated,transexual,hermaphrodite,mutated hands,disfigured,missing arms,missing legs,extra arms,extra legs,bad legs,skin spots,acnes,extra mole,age spot,

known issues

Human faces don't perform well at a distance.

Mixed model (incomplete, some forgot, I will add at any time):

  • bra Beautiful Realistic

  • 3moonNIReal

  • Extra thin rice-V08

  • casheartmix_aniface

  • chillout nebula

  • koreanDollLikeness

  • betterPortrait

Acknowledgment (Thanks to the video teaching of the big guys, I have benefited a lot):

Akiba aaaki

Oedo Warrior


Qinglong Saint

AI next generation

fish feed

Artificial obstacle


I haven't learned well yet, I hope I won't embarrass the big guys.

You are solely responsible for any legal liability resulting from the unethical use of this mod, so use with care.

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