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Anime Pastel Dream

Anime Pastel Dream

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About Anime Pastel Dream

Anime Pastel Dream (Soft and Hard)

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Available on the following websites with GPU acceleration:

``` Mage.space



This is my attempt at making a good anime pastel model. I love the end result and I hope you enjoy it. This should also work great with most anime models.

I made 2 versions:

``` Hard has a stronger pastel style and gets a lot more creative.

Soft has a subtler pastel style and is much easier to control.


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Suggested settings:

``` CLIP skip 2

I had ENSD: 31337 but it's optional

NO restore faces

Highres fix with either a general upscaler and low denoise or Latent with high denoise (see examples)

Be sure to use Auto as vae for baked vae versions and a good vae for the no vae ones. Avoid anythingv3 vae as it makes everything grey.

Steps and upscale denoise depend on your samplers and upscaler. See the examples.


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