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Protogen Infinity Official Release

Protogen Infinity Official Release

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About Protogen Infinity Official Release

Protogen Infinity - How to Build Protogen

HassanBlend Trigger Words Model Weights thanks to reddit user u/jonesaid

Get ready to revolutionize your creations with ProtoGen Infinity - the ultimate upgrade in the ProtoGen series. This bad boy is loaded with the latest and greatest features, giving you the power to push the limits of your imagination. And with the latest public checkpoints, you’ll have everything you need to take your masterpieces to the next level. By downloading, you’re not just getting access to ProtoGen Infinity, but also agreeing to the CreativeML Open RAIL-M , Dreamlike License , and Seek Art Mega License . So what are you waiting for? Unleash the full potential of ProtoGen Infinity and elevate your art to the stratosphere. *The latest iteration of ProtoGen, ProtoGen Infinity, comprises of a harmonious blend of various cutting-edge features.*

The foundation of this model is ProtoGen Nova (ProtoGen_X8.0), to which have been added various additions such as Sci-Fi_Diffusion_1.0 (ProtoGen_X8.1), SynthwavePunk_V2 (ProtoGen_X8.2), mashup_v2 (ProtoGen_X8.3), dreamshaper252_252.ckpt (ProtoGen_X8.4), comicDiffusion_v2 (ProtoGen_X8.5) and artErosAerosATribute_aerosPruned (ProtoGen_X8.6) to create a truly unparalleled experience.

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