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Camel (Luotuo): Open source Chinese large language model

The Luotuo project is an open source project of the Chinese large language model initiated by Leng Ziang @ Shang Tang Technology, Chen Qiyuan @ Central China Normal University and Li Lulu @ Shang Tang Technology, which includes a series of language models.

Camel Project is not an official product of SenseTime.

We named the project Luotuo (Camel) mainly because Meta's previous project LLaMA (llama) and Stanford's previous project alpaca (alpaca) both belong to Artiodactyla-Camelidae. Moreover, there are only three genera in Camelidae, so it's too late to get the name.

Important update on the project [ ]

[2023-05-06] Learned Andrew Ng's Prompt engineering course, Camel Prophet , the colab link of the first lesson Open In Colab

List of sub-items

Camel QACamel QA : Better Conversational Question Answering Model with Answer Completion

camel embedding

Camel Embedding: Generative Text Embedding Model distilled from OpenAI API

camel prophet

The Camel Prophet is a philosophical discussion imitating Gibran's "The Prophet"

vanilla camel

Camel: An Instruction-following Chinese Language model, LoRA tuning on LLaMA

Camel RPG

LuotuoRPG is an attempt at the Chinese version of Stanford Generative Agents.


Yaya is the LoRA training code based on Fudan MOSS

Camel Brawl

Camel Rumble is under construction...\ \ Camel Brawl: Generating Massive Content for a Text-based Fighting Game

camel clip

Camel CLIP is under construction...\ \ Camel CLIP: Aligning Existed CLIP model with Multiple Prior Leveraged

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