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RWKV: Parallelizable RNN with Transformer-level LLM Performance (pronounced as “RwaKuv”, from 4 major params: R W K V)

RWKV is an RNN with Transformer-level LLM performance, which can also be directly trained like a GPT transformer (parallelizable). And it’s 100% attention-free. You only need the hidden state at position t to compute the state at position t+1. You can use the “GPT” mode to quickly compute the hidden state for the “RNN” mode.

So it’s combining the best of RNN and transformer - great performance, fast inference, saves VRAM, fast training, “infinite” ctx_len, and free sentence embedding (using the final hidden state).

Raven 14B (finetuned on Alpaca+ShareGPT+…) Demo:

Raven 7B (finetuned on Alpaca+ShareGPT+…) Demo:

ChatRWKV: with “stream” and “split” strategies and INT8. 3G VRAM is enough to run RWKV 14B :)

Download RWKV-4 0.1⁄0.4⁄1.5/3/7/14B weights:

RWKV pip package:

``` os.environ["RWKV_JIT_ON"] = '1' os.environ["RWKV_CUDA_ON"] = '0' # if '1' then use CUDA kernel for seq mode (much faster) from rwkv.model import RWKV # pip install rwkv model = RWKV(model='/fsx/BlinkDL/HF-MODEL/rwkv-4-pile-1b5/RWKV-4-Pile-1B5-20220903-8040', strategy='cuda fp16')

out, state = model.forward([187, 510, 1563, 310, 247], None) # use 20B_tokenizer.json print(out.detach().cpu().numpy()) # get logits out, state = model.forward([187, 510], None) out, state = model.forward([1563], state) # RNN has state (use deepcopy if you want to clone it) out, state = model.forward([310, 247], state) print(out.detach().cpu().numpy()) # same result as above


Cool Community RWKV Projects (check them!): INT4 INT8 FP16 FP32 inference for CPU using ggml pure CUDA RWKV (no need for python & pytorch) LoRA fine-tuning

More RWKV projects:

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