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  • [Apr. 27, 2023] Fastchat now supports Baize. Try the new CLI and API!
  • [Apr. 21, 2023] We now have a script to merge LoRA weights into standard HF model so you can use it everywhere HF is supported!

What’s Baize?

Baize is an open-source chat model trained with LoRA. It uses 100k dialogs generated by letting ChatGPT chat with itself. We also use Alpaca’s data to improve its performance. We have released 7B, 13B and 30B models. Please refer to the paper for more details.

Why it’s called Baize?

Baize (pronounced as By-zor; Simplified Chinese 白泽, Traditional Chinese 白澤, Japanese 白沢, はくたく) is a mythical creature in Chinese folklore, who speaks human languages and knows everything. This is exactly what we expect from a chat model.


⚠️ All model weights and data are for research use ONLY. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. We accept NO responsibility or liability for any use of our data, code or weights.

This is the repo for the Baize project, which aims to build a chat model with LLaMA. This repository contains:

  • 54K/57K/47K dialogs from Quora, StackOverFlow and MedQuAD questions
  • The code for collecting self-chat data
  • The code for training Baize
  • The code for chat model demo (forked from ChuanhuChatGPT)

Model Release

Community Models and Data

  • Fauno is an Italian version of Baize.
  • Dutch Data: Baize data translated into Dutch.

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