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Demo, data, and code to train open-source assistant-style large language model based on GPT-J and LLaMa

📗 Technical Report 2: GPT4All-J

📗 Technical Report 1: GPT4All

🐍 Official Python Bindings

💻 Official Typescript Bindings

💬 Official Web Chat Interface

💬 Official Chat Interface

🦜️🔗 Official Langchain Backend


GPT4All is made possible by our compute partner Paperspace.

GPT4All-J: An Apache-2 Licensed GPT4All Model


Run on an M1 Mac (not sped up!)

GPT4All-J Chat UI Installers

Installs a native chat-client with auto-update functionality that runs on your desktop with the GPT4All-J model baked into it.

Mac/OSX Windows Ubuntu

If you have older hardware that only supports avx and not avx2 you can use these.

Mac/OSX - avx-only Windows - avx-only Ubuntu - avx-only

These files are not yet cert signed by Windows/Apple so you will see security warnings on initial installation. We did not want to delay release while waiting for their process to complete.

Find the most up-to-date information on the GPT4All Website

Raw Model

ggml Model Download Link

Note this model is only compatible with the C++ bindings found here. It will not work with any existing llama.cpp bindings as we had to do a large fork of llama.cpp. GPT4All will support the ecosystem around this new C++ backend going forward.

Python bindings are imminent and will be integrated into this repository. Stay tuned on the GPT4All discord for updates.

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