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About TreeMind

The tree map is not only a mind map making tool, but also an original knowledge template library and a mind map library. We help users better manage knowledge, thinking, logic, experience and information.

A new generation of "AI artificial intelligence" mind map

Massive knowledge maps, material resource library; cross-platform file synchronization; team collaboration and management, multiple people editing a mind map at the same time; open platform, more external applications; AI generated maps to improve learning and work efficiency.

AI intelligently generates maps, just input the requirements

Enter your needs, and AI will help you complete everything: reading notes, teaching arrangements, work plans, promotional copywriting, business analysis, event planning, and even writing codes for you

An encyclopedia of knowledge in the world of mind mapping

Huge knowledge map search library, covering education, IT Internet, finance, medical care, real estate, entertainment, and all walks of life

Rich material types, massive design resource library

The materials cover icons, illustrations, backgrounds, photographs, 3D elements, GIF animations, audio, video and other types. Massive resources make the mind map more vivid

Cross-platform file synchronization, you can view it anytime, anywhere

The content is saved in real time, cross-platform file synchronization, and files can be modified and browsed in browsers, clients, and mobile phones

Team space, support multiple people to manage team files at the same time

Make your team more efficient by building team space and managing workflow, suitable for scenarios such as knowledge accumulation and work delivery

Multiple people edit at the same time, team efficiency, beyond imagination

Multiple people view and edit a mind map at the same time, brainstorming, work arrangement, group research seamless collaboration

Break away from PPT, and demonstrate directly in the tree diagram

Through the demonstration function, directly demonstrate the mind map, get rid of the tedious PPT production and demonstration

Open platform to access more external applications

Applications such as formulas, icons, illustrations, emoticons have been connected, and more external applications are being connected...

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