About Cubox

Concise and powerful collection tool, the addition of AI makes reading more efficient

Cubox is a cross-platform app for collecting, reading and researching your daily information. With Cubox, you can effortlessly organize everything that matters to you, cut out the noise, and focus on less but better content.

Collect with Ease

Cubox provides services to help you easily collect content on various platforms, such as Newsletter, Browser Extensions, Share Extension, etc. We hope to create a one-stop “connector” to link all your external sources of information and reduce noise.

Read, and Think Better

It doesn’t matter how much you collect. What matters is how the information helps you think and grow. You can read with customized fonts, styles, and themes with no distractions. Record your thinking by highlighting the text in the articles.

Make Impact

Cubox will be the first stop of your information management. And then seamlessly connect to your reading and writing workflows. Get the most out of your information and help you achieve your goals.

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