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About Pixelcut

Recolor objects instantly

Instantly change the color of any item in your photo, be it clothing, accessories, or home decor!

Automatic and fast

Pixelcut’s Recolor tool harnesses the power of AI to automatically detect and distinguish various objects within your photos, such as clothing items, with astonishing precision. Pixelcut’s Recolor tool enables you to effortlessly change the color palette of your images, giving you the freedom to instantly customize and enhance your images quicker and easier than ever before. Elevate your photo-editing game with Pixelcut’s Recolor tool and let your imagination run wild with limitless color combinations at your fingertips!

Automatic and fast

Detect multiple objects

With Pixelcut’s Recolor tool, you can transform your images by automatically identifying multiple objects, such as shirts and shorts, and instantly customize their colors independently with just a few clicks. Pixelcut’s AI can automatically detect different items in your photo and allow you to easily adjust each item’s hue, saturation and brightness to get the perfect shade that represents your product’s color.

Detect multiple objects

Easily showcase your product online

Streamline your online selling experience with Pixelcut’s Recolor tool. Simplify your workflow and save valuable time with Pixelcut’s Recolor tool, as it effortlessly creates accurate and consistent color variations for your products, ensuring seamless online presentation. Perfect for e-commerce, Pixelcut’s Recolor tool helps you quickly change the color of your products to match their real world color. Unleash the full potential of your product images and streamline your online selling with Pixelcut’s Recolor tool.

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How to change the color of clothes?

  1. #### Upload your image

Upload a JPG, PNG or HEIC file for recoloring.

  1. #### Select item

Pixelcut’s AI automatically find all of the items in your photo, such as clothing items or home decor.

  1. #### Change color of item

Select your desired color and Pixelcut will magically update the color of the item to your choosing.

  1. #### Download your image

Download your new, recolored image to share, or keep editing and add new details using the photo editor.

How to change the color of clothes?

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