About Orion-Mix

Hands-fix is still waiting to be improved.(Better than former models already)

Highres-fix(upscaler) is strongly recommended(using the SwinIR_4x by myself) Hires steps:10 Denoising strength:0.5 Upscale by:1.5-2

Recommend: Clip skip 2 Sampler:DPM++2M Karras Steps:20+

CFG scale:4-8 Vae:Pastel-Waifu-Diffusion.vae.pt(The vae used by Pastel-mix is just good enough)

Loras along with embeddings are strongly recommended.

V2 should come after Cetus-mix Version3 released.

Looking forward to your reviews!

Great thanks to my reviewers on former models,it would not be possible for me to carry on creating without your motivation.

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