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A project that uses Xiao Ai to ask questions on ChatGPT. It may not be useful, but it is very interesting!

The following is the "tossing story" of the project author about this project

A simple conclusion for most things is: what's the use of doing this?

But, why don't you do it if it's useless? Fun is also useful.


  • Since the second week of ChatGPT, I made an account, and later found a very interesting project ChineseAiDungeonChatGPT –> use ChatGPT to play DND, I suddenly thought that if I can speak, it will be more immersive.
  • Because I learned about the interactive tts of some Xiaomi IOT devices when I was tossing blue , I think I can achieve it in some ways
  • But it did go through a lot from idea to usability

start to toss

  1. The earliest idea was to crack Xiaoai, and intercept my conversation after cracking. If the conversation contains GPT , use the cracked Xiaoai to send a request to ChatGPT, and then intercept the ChatGPT reply and read it out.

    • The biggest difficulty I encountered was how to crack Xiaoai. After searching around, I found that Xiaoai has a way to hook through the serial port and then flash the firmware.
    • But what is a serial port? I learned serial communication, experimented with my own Raspberry Pi, went to Taobao to buy usb2ttl, and learned it. But it needs to be soldered, so I went to station B to watch videos to learn, and asked my colleague hardware master how to solder, and learned to solder. But, damn it, the new classmate Xiao Ai blocked the serial communication.
    • I found a foreign student who cracked Xiaoai, and I can use the USB after dismantling to burn the firmware , but I don’t have windows, -> learn the old macbookpro 2015 to flash the dual system, try to flash the machine for Xiaoai -> Xiaomi also blocked this
    • What's interesting is that I use it every day and find that it is really easy to use. Let him play songs and play Peppa Pig for my son. So I bought another one for my mother-in-law and configured it for her to play songs.
  2. The first method doesn’t work. I tried to use the router openwrt to intercept the packet and send it, but it still failed. I found it difficult to get the payload through https.

  3. Turned to Siri So can I use Siri to achieve it? Yes, you can use Siri -> Shortcut -> Get what you said -> Send ChatGPT -> Xiaoai or Siri directly
  4. Netizen Ivory Mountain Liu Neng posted the chat records of his son Xiao Ai’s classmate one day, and suddenly the inspiration came. I can use the stupidest polling to keep getting the latest chat records. If there are new ones that meet the requirements, I will send them to ChatGPT –> Then use tts to let Xiao Ai read aloud, but because reading aloud takes time, polling is not so stupid.


  • First realize the continuous fetching of the dialogue history
  • Test revChatGPT works
  • It is feasible to use MiService call tts
  • All that's left is to write the code


  • I was really happy at the moment when I finished it, but I found a few interesting blogs during the process, and I was surprised that the students who did revChatGPT were really good. They learned to solder and started to discover the hardware. It's more about the excitement of learning something new.
  • After disassembling the machine, I found that the internal workmanship of Xiao Ai is really good.
  • The feeling during the tossing process, in the future, these smart speaker manufacturers will definitely train large models one day, which will completely change the smart home, as if seeing the future



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