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📚 background

In my Cubox I have thousands of bookmarks stored. Some bookmarks Cubox can successfully parse, grab content and title. However, for those bookmarks with vague information, if I don't enter the information manually, they will always be hidden in the corner that the search function cannot reach.

Cubox's full-text search feature is not always enough when we want to find a specific bookmark when we need it. This leaves us desperate for a better solution. That feeling of thinking of something but not being able to find it makes people jump anxiously.

🚀 CuboxGPT was born!

CuboxGPT uses GPT technology to help users better search for desired bookmarks in Cubox. It understands the semantics and thus finds the appropriate bookmark.

✨ Feature

  • command line tool
  • Python one-click installation
  • Support OpenAI API Key
  • local vector database
  • The output contains citations and links

💬 How to use

  1. Export Cubox bookmark content
  2. Set OpenAI API environment variables locally
  3. Use cuboxgpt import-data to import bookmarks and grab webpage content
  4. Use cuboxgpt init-database to build a local vector database
  5. Natural language search with cuboxgpt search

⌛ Future plans

  • Improve the accuracy of search content and make it easier for users to find the bookmarks they need
  • Expand the number of search results and improve the search hit rate
  • Improve database import update experience, support incremental update to reduce update cost

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