About Hypertype

There’s no question that chatbot are handling simple questions. This means it leaves your customer success team handling more complex issues that involve scanning manually through unstructured data such as emails and documents for answers.

Auto-detect FAQs outside your database

Out of 40,000 historical emails, we have found in average of 2,000 Q&A sets that are not currently present in your database. Gain instant insights and exceed your customer expectations when issues arise.

Fetch your team’s historical replies

Customers may often demand additional refunds or discounts, even if it’s not in line with the company’s policies. Improve customer experience by showing how other colleagues replied to such situations e.g. upsell tactics.

Auto-Match your own knowledge base

Customer support involves providing detailed information already exist in your knowledge base (e.g. documents) to help resolve issues recurring for many customers. Provides on-demand support with the right tonality.

Internally discussed *via historical conversations*

Hypertype automatically takes in real-time conversations every 2 hours and instantly shows multiple answers of what your team discussed in historical emails or conversations.

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