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About Writingo

Free AI-assisted writing plug-in, intelligent error correction, polishing, and rewriting, making your Chinese and English writing more accurate and authentic! Volcano Writing Plug-in is a [free] tool specially designed for Chinese and English writing. It can provide you with real-time suggestions and assistance to make your text more accurate, fluent and authentic.

When you type text, Volcano Writing will detect your text in real time and provide writing suggestions. Let you no longer worry about language errors and appropriate expressions during the writing process, so that you can focus more on content creation.

Currently supported functions are as follows:

【Chinese】 * Typo correction

[English] * Spelling check* Grammar check* Multi-style polishing—— Support four styles: general/formal/polite/popular, helping you find more appropriate expressions in emails, social media, etc.* Diversified synonym rewriting—— Help you explore more possibilities of expression and enhance the richness of expression

The volcano writing plug-in can help you express more focused, accurate and fluent in writing. Whether you are writing Chinese or English, whether you are writing homework or emails. Try the Volcano Writer plugin to make writing easier and more efficient!

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