About Chato

Chato is an enterprise-level AI knowledge service and content production tool. Through role setting and training materials, a customized version of assistant robot is generated, which supports publishing to various terminals and provides knowledge services. Chato helps enterprises apply AI concepts one step ahead, releasing unimaginable output and value.

Wide range of application scenarios

Chato is a widely used chatbot that can be used as a digital employee of an enterprise to improve efficiency and save labor costs for roles such as customer service assistant, community operation assistant, marketing copywriting assistant, and advertising picture design assistant.

Easy to use

  • No code knowledge is required, and ordinary people can easily get started.
  • Basic settings such as character personality, ability, and accuracy can be completed without complicated prompt abilities; you can also choose various assistant roles officially set.
  • Robot-specific knowledge training can be realized by dragging and dropping professional documents or taking notes, and it only takes 5 minutes at a time.

Technical Algorithm Major

  • Chato has professional technical algorithm support, intelligently connects domestic and foreign models, and independently develops key business algorithms. It can quickly learn massive documents and accurately identify the problem intentions of multiple people and multiple scenarios.
  • The professional technical team will create a smart, stable and unique chat robot for you and provide you with high-quality services.

Data Privacy Security

Chato attaches great importance to data privacy and security, and has a complete data security system to protect user information and data security. Adopt advanced technology and strict measures to prevent leakage and misuse.

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