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"Mo Xin" - Xi Juanzi's "Qin Xin", Wang Sun's "Qiao Xin", the heart is beautiful, so it is used. This product is composed of large and small freehand brushwork works by Anji Wu Cangshi, Mr. Xinghua Banqiao, Bada Shanren, Shanyin Bonian and other masters, supplemented by modern figures. Supplemented with appropriate reminders, reciting the names of the sages, sharing the meaning of both ancient and modern, and highlighting the beauty of both elegance and vulgarity.

"Space can walk on horses" - You can walk on horses in sparse places of calligraphy and painting, but not in the dense places. This is a composition Lora used in conjunction with Moxin. Once it is used and the prompt is placed at the front, it will adopt a composition style with a large area of ​​blank space. He can be found in the version

Notes: 1.) CFG range will change style

1~3 : Small and freehand

3~7 : Gradually fine brushwork

2.) Recommended basic models are ChilloutMix, Guofeng 3.2, etc.

3.) The recommended Lora weight of "Mo Xin" is below 0.85

4.) The weight of Lora recommended by "Shu Ke Zou Ma" is 0.7~1

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