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Dark Magician Girl LoRA

Dark Magician Girl LoRA

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About Dark Magician Girl LoRA

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Great character design from a great franchise. Should work on most anime models at 1 weight (0.6-0.7 for the old one). Triggers with dark magician girl plus her outfit description so she can be customized like you want. For the first pic I also used dpep2 LoRA to give it some style.

Thanks to @plsdontultme for some of the examples.

How to use LoRA’s in auto1111:

  • Update webui (use git pull like here or redownload it)
  • Copy the file to stable-diffusion-webui/models/lora
  • Select your LoRA like in this video
  • Make sure to change the weight (by default it’s :1 which is usually too high)

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