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In public / photographers

About In public / photographers

LoRA trained to generate a person in public surrounded by people, such as photographers. Works with other LoRAs and various models.

UPDATE - new training and small improvements

Updated training: used LyCORIS instead of LoRA, trained on larger dataset with more realistic images, cleaned up tags.

Updated output: less likely to have a camera on character’s hands, more detailed crowd, a bit more consistent, you can better increase the crowd or photographers by increasing the trigger tag’s weight.

Main tags (use one or both for different effect): * public, photographers*

// OLD VERSION (1.0) //

Main trigger word: public Other tags used photographer, phone screen, camera, foreground

You can use your usual CFG and weight 1.0

See weight comparison 0.0 vs 1.0, minimal effect on style and composition:


Additional info

I make these models for fun and for the challenge and release them for free for everyone to enjoy, for non-commercial use (see license). The one thing I ask of you is to provide rating and feedback! That helps me understand where I can improve and helps me stay motivated to produce more content!

I accept suggestions or requests here or on Civitai discord server.

You can also check my more polished images and upcoming models on my pixiv profile.

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