About M_Pixel

You can make all kinds of pixel villains! You can play with other lora! You can also create pixel scenes! A weight of 0.5 will do!

  • 512X768 pixel is recommended for drawing people, HD repair 1.5, redrawing range 0.4, no pixel sense if it is higher.

  • Drawing buildings recommended 768X768, HD repair 1.2

  • Trigger keyword: pixel

3.0 integrates the advantages of the previous two versions, while increasing the compatibility of large models, it is now possible to generate more detailed pixel art that conforms to modern aesthetics and design sense. At the same time, scene generation has also been enhanced. Architecture, interior, SLG, etc. can all be tried.

Pixel art originated at the end of the last century, and it is the product of compromise under the insufficient performance of computers/game consoles/monitors. Strive to draw fine paintings under the limitation of limited computing power and resolution. After the 21st century, the level of hardware has gradually improved, and pixel art has also been liberated in fineness. At the same time, 3D technology is popular, and pixel artists can only continue to create on independent games and Nintendo handhelds. At the same time, pixel art has also been inherited as a style. Due to the lack of details, it gives people a certain space for imagination. HD2D represented by Forked Road Traveler is its modern spiritual successor.

In order to remember the golden age of pixel art.

2.0 reduces the fit. It can better adapt to various large models. More characters that can combine scenes, and richer pictures. Relatively, the pixel sense is not so strict, for example, there are fewer pixel strokes and more color blocks, so it is more appropriate to say that the pixel style is no longer a pixel painting. Those who like traditional pixels are recommended to continue to use 1.0.

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