About blindbox

Blind box style LoRA, I thought so at the beginning.

The v1 version is still a blind box.

Increased the texture of PVC, updated v1_mix, the effect is very good, it is recommended to use👍

Add keywords chibi, full body,

It would be better to reduce the negative description, and you can also try it yourself.

After testing, if you want to use it with other LoRA, you should add those negative keywords 😅

The RevAnimated model is recommended.

It also has a good compatibility with some characters LoRA.

The v2 version reduces the probability of a big head and is more biased towards a bicep.

Suitable for some anime style, maybe.

In the V3 version, the eyes have been adjusted. As the saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul. However, it is still experimental at present, and the v1_mix version is still recommended in terms of stability.

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