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Gacha splash LORA

Gacha splash LORA

About Gacha splash LORA

A gacha splash style lora. Make sure you start with the following template and add your background prompts.

[(white background:1.5)::5], isometric OR hexagon , 1 girl, mid shot, full body,

Suggested resolution: 640X640 with hires fix. You may modify your prompt and resolution after successfully getting the effect.

The training dataset is 100% generated by NovelAI. No real artwork is used.

I trained two different versions with different learning rate and scheduler.

Gacha Splash Fantasy fits more in abstract backgrounds.

Gacha Splash is intentionally trained to be slightly overfit. It fits greatly for architectures.

See compares from sample images


  1. If your characters are always wearing jackets/half off jackets, try adding “off shoulder” in negative prompt. You may further add “jackets”/ “bare shoulders” if the issue persists.

  2. Similar as the jacket issue, if you find any elements that are always being generated, try adding them into negative prompt first. The training dataset is well tagged. Therefore AI should be able to remove these elements.

Prompts like hexagon and isometric help to shape the gacha splash effect. T

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