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About 一览科技AIGC

「About Yilan Operation Magic Box」

Yilan "Operation Magic Box" is a video creation empowerment and monetization tool equipped with AIGC, developed and launched by Yilan Technology, which has been deeply involved in the video industry for 18 years. Mainly for video teams in industries such as film and television entertainment, MCN short video, education and training, advertising media, e-commerce, games, etc., it provides AIGC tools such as "AI screenwriter" and "AI drawing", unlimited storage and download, material management retrieval, video Collaborative review, the commercial realization of video assets and other services.

「Yilan video AIGC workflow」

Yilan Technology launched the industry's first large-scale model-based "text+picture+virtual human" video AIGC global workflow, which is equipped with its video creator tool "Yilan Operation Magic Box", focusing on serving people in the film and television and short video industries. Yilan "Video AIGC Workflow" is positioned as "Easy Creation, Professional Quality". At present, AI screenwriting and AI drawing have been officially launched, giving priority to solving the core issues of "creativity and scripting" in the field of content creation. In the future, multiple functional applications vertical to video AIGC, such as virtual humans, will be launched. Video practitioners, especially screenwriters, copywriters and other positions will get more professional AIGC creation tools to expand the boundaries of creative inspiration.

「Product Details」

AI screenwriter


Creativity generation + plot generation + script generation, AI screenwriter 3 steps, AI will automatically help you get the plot! With long and short video shooting, it is wonderful!

AI painting


Contains two modes of Wenshengtu and Tushengtu, both web and applets are available, with the help of AI inspiration, it is easy to create high-quality pictures, and multiple pictures can be generated in 3 seconds with simple operations. Models of different styles help users greatly improve the quality of output images. Super resolution, pixel magnification 4 times or more, enjoy professional quality, high-definition poster level, can be directly applied.

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