About Sliver Wolf

Examples Image is now active, Click on Show more for Weight & Trigger recommendation, Also click on About This Version at Right Corner for more Info. I wanted a Silver Wolf Lora with Good Quality + Not bad Flexibility, Also Art & IA Art on Silver Wolf is Low, So i created it. This Lora is trained on 114+ Images with Good quality, I sorted everything manually, Only picked the best possible. (SFW + NFSW) AnimeFullFinalPrunedFP16 used, so he work with the majority of Anime Model. Flexibility is Ok as you can see in Examples images, best is to put 0.6-0.8 Weight for Flexibility. About Trigger Words & Prompts: SilverWolfV4 (For Trigger) & for prompts just refer to examples image. Weight recommended: 0.6-1. - Work perfectly at Weight 1, Best result: 0.7-1 Negative Embedding used: EasyNegative, BadPrompt2 and sometime negative_hand-neg.