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About 一起剪

Artificial intelligence automatically generates scripts, pictures and texts into films, and video production has never been easier!


  • AI Creation Script

Exclusively developed intelligent writing system, allowing you to easily generate high-quality video scripts in 10 seconds.

  • Pictures and texts

AI intelligent picture matching, dubbing, subtitles, multiple sets of exquisite templates, batch generation of high-quality videos.

  • One-click publishing

Only one account is required for video publishing, and one-click transmission can be realized on multiple vertical platforms, which can compress 80% of the distribution time for you.

  • Media People's Video Tools

Only a novice can become a master, saving time and effort, and can produce thousands of high-quality videos a day.

Application Scenario

Covering a variety of content creation scenarios, it is suitable for various video production needs.

  • Burst push

Minimize the time cost of source acquisition, production and release of sudden news such as earthquakes and accidents, and quickly realize high-quality, multi-channel reports.

  • news site

Reproduce the real scene of the news in real time, and the rich materials and templates make the characters, environment and atmosphere vivid and accurate.

  • entertainment hotspot

No matter the topic star, entertainment news, or hot discussion, real-time information, you can respond to it one by one, and the content is more three-dimensional and readable.

  • Comments

Choose a good angle, clarify the point of view, and change the text into a video with one click, making the expression more appealing.

  • meeting minutes

By cutting together, the person, time, place, and content can help you break down into parts and conciseness. It is suitable for content extraction in various conference scenes such as press conferences, work meetings, and assemblies, and helps you achieve efficient communication.

  • more scenes

Together Cut provides a large number of popular video templates to meet richer video creation scenarios.

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