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About AI智能客服
  • Customize configuration to create exclusive intelligent customer service
  • Support uploading massive materials, training smart AI customer service
  • Intelligent understanding of contextual dialogues to enhance the accuracy of dialogues
  • Cover multiple access channels to reduce operating costs

Core functions

  • Multiple document upload

Multi-document learning ability, intelligent training: you can upload documents such as doc, pdf, md, txt, excel, ppt, etc., quickly learn company internal documents, industry reports, user manuals and other documents, no need to manually organize materials according to format; support one-click upload For webpage links, AI robots can intelligently grab and learn the content in the link.

  • multiple rounds of dialogue

Have contextual memory for seamless conversations

  • Large Model Algorithms

Large model algorithm, precise matching and integrated Q&A: introduce the latest GPT model to intelligently analyze the content of questions, powerful matching algorithms and search capabilities, to provide users with more accurate and comprehensive solutions; with context memory, it can realize multiple rounds of smooth dialogue, providing seamless Efficient conversation experience.

  • One-to-One Question Answering Library

One-to-one question-and-answer library for precise question-and-answer: Compatible with traditional customer service models, answers are 100% based on uploaded content, ensuring the accuracy and comprehensiveness of questions.

  • flexible deployment

Multiple access methods, flexible deployment of robots: robots can be deployed to websites, WeChat public accounts, applets, APPs, and existing business systems of enterprises, etc., covering a wider range of user channels and providing a full range of intelligent customer service; support JS embedding Access forms such as web pages and access APIs deeply empower the business, and more access methods are continuously being upgraded.

  • Style Adaptation

Chat window style customization: Provide a variety of appearance templates and style configurations, the robot chat interface is perfectly integrated with the brand image and website design style, and enhance the continuity of user experience; responsive design and mobile priority, present the best layout when multi-terminal access, confirm User experience for interacting with robots anytime, anywhere.

  • 3D digital human

3D digital human customer service, immersive interactive experience: presented in a realistic 3D digital human image, with vivid expressions and various gestures, providing an experience similar to real human interaction, enhancing the sense of interaction and personalized user experience; supporting digital human The overall image customization enables AI robots to better integrate into the brand image/design style, and customizes a unique digital human image.

  • data operation

Provide robot usage data and Q&A data reports to assist robot Q&A effect correction and operational decision-making

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