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Let AI create the articles you really want

The original feeding of massive background materials allows AI to truly understand your needs, so as to write more professional and detailed copywriting - break through the length limit of AI online text - let AI understand you better

Professional writing training

Through the fine-tuning of a large number of professional manuscripts, AI can understand Chinese and media better. - Professional role setting- Exclusive emotional and tone adjustment

One-click solution to personalized scene creation and marketing needs

  • Industry articles : Set up different roles to generate articles that meet the professional style of different platforms and industries.
  • Marketing copywriting : Generate targeted professional copywriting from the perspective of professional marketers.
  • Product copywriting : a copywriting creation module that includes a wide range of products, which can generate copywriting for product evaluation, planting grass, and new product releases around marketing scenarios.
  • Promotion copywriting : According to different industries, generate copywriting in line with the industry. The industry covers popular industries such as food, mother and baby, and digital cameras.
  • Video copywriting : Generate corresponding promotional copywriting and video scripts for different video content, and can adapt to different platform styles to generate copywriting.
  • E-commerce copywriting : It can generate content copywriting suitable for different e-commerce platforms, and the generated content can be applied to domestic mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD.com.

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