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The Three Kingdoms

The Three Kingdoms

About The Three Kingdoms

This is a vertical drawing of the characters in the game "Three Kingdoms", "The great river goes east and the waves are gone, and the romantic characters through the ages". The author has updated four versions so far, and the following is an update introduction of some versions.

Version1.1 update:

  • Partially solve the problem of feminization of civil servants, still need to add negative

  • tag: earrings, hair flower, female clothes, female ornament, female

A simple method of facial makeup: directly add the name of the person to the prompt, see the sample.

Version1.0 update:

  • Newly added generals in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy version

  • Use a new bottom mold: CounterfeitV25_25.safetensors Note that you must click V2.5, the author has now updated to 3.0

  • Due to the different mechanism of the new bottom mold, do not add prompts like realistic, photo-realistic

  • Material resolution increased to a maximum of 768x1024

  • Deleted sinister faces (such as Li Ru) and foreign nationalities, and newly deleted the Yellow Turban Thieves

  • The sample uses Eular a + Latent(Nearest-exact), Denoising Strength=0.5

  • The Kanban girl used other Lora and Controlnet to adjust her face as usual, and in theory, male generals can also do this

  • Known issue: Due to the surge in the number of female characters, feminization may appear in the generation of male civil servants. Temporarily add negative prompts to work around: earrings, hair flower, female clothes, female ornament

Version0.999 update:

  • Nearly 200 generals have been added

  • Removed sinister faces (such as Li Ru) and foreign national costumes

  • Denoising Strength=0.5

Model description:

  • Checkpoint: Ver.0.999 recommends guofeng3_v32 or its Light version; Ver.1 recommends CounterfeitV25

  • Size: Ver.0.999 recommends 512 x 768; Ver.1 recommends 768x1024

  • Weight: 1

  • Sampler: Eular a

  • Prompts: add chinese male, chinese female, chinese

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