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About AI面试助手

Just enter the title of the position you are interested in, a job description, and your resume information, and then start the mock interview. In this process, AI will play the role of an interviewer, asking you a series of questions related to your work experience and the position you are applying for, and you only need to answer the same as in a real interview.

After answering, AI will evaluate and provide feedback and suggestions based on your answers. In order to optimize the user experience, I recommend operating on the computer so that voice input can be used. If you choose to use it on the mobile phone, the voice input method is also a good choice (just press and hold the space bar on the input method interface and speak).

With mock interviews like this and reflections on AI feedback, you'll be fully prepared for real interviews. Remember, you can interrupt the mock interview at any time and resume the interview by saving a link to the page for direct access next time. Since I haven't implemented user system and security protection yet, please protect your personal privacy and avoid disclosing too much personal information.

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The questioning of simulated interviews can timely identify one's own shortcomings and provide targeted supplements and improvements.
It is very practical and can also be used on mobile phones, but it is important to protect privacy.
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First, use this tool to simulate it, which can eliminate some tension