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About 阅文妙笔

The first large-scale model of online literature in China will also be the one that understands Internet literature and writers best.

Chinese online literature giant China Literature Group officially released China's first large-scale online literature model - Reading Miaobi.

The China Reading Miaobi model is not a general-purpose model, but belongs to the other side of the "Hundred Models War", that is, the industry model.

Reading Miaobi is not only a "Wen Sheng Wen", but also takes into account "Wen Sheng Tu" and other capabilities, that is, multi-modal large models.

In terms of data layer , China Literature Group has been deeply involved in web literature for 20 years, and has a deep accumulation in experienced web text editing teams and high-quality web text works; this unique advantage is destined to be proficient in web texts.

In terms of technology research and development , the Miaobi project is not the kind that can be achieved overnight in order to catch up with the AIGC boom, but has carried out relatively rich exploration and attempts in the early stage of the underlying technology.

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