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About PoleStar Chat

🤖 Preset more than 100 Bots

Like other IM software, you can use @ to quickly call AI commands, just like @people in group chats. We currently support more than 100 AI Bots, covering topics such as education, writing, entertainment, etc. For example, you can use Tarot Master to test your fortune today, so that you don't have to learn and set up cumbersome AI Prompt:

Preset more than 100 Bots

Tarot Master Bot

In addition, there is another difference between PoleStar Chat and other similar products. You can AT multiple Bots in one Channel, so that you can discuss with multiple virtual Bots based on a problem, such as Plato, Camus, etc. A discussion about nihilism. Or let Blog Writer write a Chinese manuscript, and then let English Translator translate it into English:

What is nihilism?

blog writing

]( https://img2.hayocdn.com/client/gamebox/9b4b7ac58b27ca5e9ea7713c0c446918.png )

🌅 Support Vincent graph model

In addition, in addition to supporting the text model, we also support the Vincent graph model, and in order to reduce your learning costs, some image styles are preset by default, and you can generate good renderings without typing too long commands:

linear style

manga style

The model we are currently using is Stable Diffusion XL, you don't need to study how to install the SD model, you can use SD to plot like you use Midjourney.

💬 Messages support quotes

Although the AI ​​supports contextual chat, we found that sometimes it was very difficult for the AI ​​to accurately understand the "this" or "the above" instructions. So in PoleStar Chat we provide the function of quoting. Allows you to accurately issue instructions to AI.

In addition, you can also use the reference function to connect Bots together. For example, you can use the Midjourney command generator to generate commands, and then reference the commands and AT Vincent Bot.

🔖 The result supports Retry and is displayed in a message bubble in the form of a tab

At present, AI technology is still in the early stage, and the content produced by AI is not stable yet, and AI often needs to be re-output. But most of the products on the market now solve Retry requirements by overwriting or resending. The former will lose historical data, and the latter will disrupt the context.

To solve this problem, PoleStar Chat supports displaying multiple solutions in the same bubble for easy comparison:



🔥 Open source code

As the saying goes, when many people gather firewood, a flame goes high. We know that if we want more people to use AI, the power of individuals is far from enough, so we decided to introduce the power of the open source community. We expect to open source our code (not including the server code) around July, at that time, you can use our products for secondary development.

💰 Support Pay as you go mode

The last one, which affects your use more, may be the price. OpenAI membership is $20 per month, Midjourney is $30 per month, but for personal use, it may not be used up at all, and the monthly fee of $50 is still relatively expensive for many people. In order to solve this problem, we will support paying for the purchase of Token in the future, and will pay for the model call fee in the form of Pay as you go. Simply put, it is to pay as much as you use, so as to reduce your cost of use.

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