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About 岐黄问道大模型

From the clinical diagnosis and treatment data of famous veteran TCM + TCM literature data to the knowledge map of TCM diagnosis and treatment: use the knowledge map to express and store the diagnosis and treatment experience of famous TCM doctors and the knowledge of literature diagnosis and treatment.

From TCM diagnosis and treatment knowledge map to TCM field pre-training model: use tens of millions of TCM knowledge map data and clinical diagnosis and treatment data to fine-tune the general pre-training model so that it can better understand the thinking and knowledge of TCM.

From the pre-training model in the field of traditional Chinese medicine to the large model of Qihuangdao: Based on the pre-training model in the field of Chinese medicine, with the participation of experts in traditional Chinese medicine, using the reward model-reinforcement learning mechanism, the "Qihuangdao large model" is finally formed.

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