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Children's mental health plays an extremely important role in their personal growth and development, directly affecting their academic performance, interpersonal skills and future growth. A supportive and caring family environment plays a vital role in promoting children's emotional development. A neglected and unaccompanied childhood is bound to be detrimental to children's mental health, which is what many contemporary children face when they grow up. The problem.

In order to protect children's mental health and promote their vigorous growth, we decided to develop a dialogue system for children's emotional companionship scenes, mainly for K12 primary and middle school students and their parents. Recently, large language models (LLMs) have made amazing breakthroughs in dialogue generation, but it is still challenging to apply them directly to the field of children's mental health and emotional development. Therefore, we actively explored the transfer of the large model to the field of children's emotional dialogue, and developed a large model suitable for children's emotional companionship - "Smartboard", which truly became their emotional companionship assistant and escorted their mental health.

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