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About ChatGLM2-Voice-Cloning

ChatGLM2+Voice Clone+Video Conversation🎶

Let's have an immersive video conversation with your favorite characters: ChatGLM2-6B+FreeVC+SadTalker 📺💕🍻

User Guide:

This project is based on ChatGLM2-6B, FreeVC and SadTalker, and requires GPU.

How to use this program: After inputting and sending your questions to ChatGLM2, click "Start communicating with GLM2", "Generate corresponding audio", "Start AI voice cloning", " Let's start a video chat" three keystrokes.

If you want ChatGLM2 to role-play and talk to it, please enter the appropriate prompt first, such as "Please play as the anime character Crayon Shin-chan and talk to me"; you can also Provides custom role settings for ChatGLM2.

When you use the sound cloning function, please upload a piece of audio you like in the corresponding position of this program, 5~10 seconds; the quality of uploaded audio will directly affect the effect of sound cloning.

Please do not generate any content that will cause harm to individuals or organizations.

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