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About EduChat

Education is a social practice that affects people's physical and mental development, and aims to stimulate people's inherent or potential qualities from the inside out. Therefore, it is necessary to implement the "people-oriented" educational philosophy, and focus on the individualized, guided, and all-round development of people's body and mind. In order to better support "people-oriented" education, the EduNLP team of the School of Computer Science and Technology of East China Normal University explored the research and development of EduChat, a large dialogue model for the vertical field of education.

This project mainly studies the related technologies of large-scale educational dialogue models based on pre-trained large-scale models, integrates diverse data in vertical fields of education, and supplements methods such as instruction fine-tuning and value alignment to provide education scenarios. With rich functions such as automatic question setting, homework correction, emotional support, course guidance, and college entrance examination consultation, it serves the majority of teachers, students, and parents, and helps realize intelligent education that teaches students in accordance with their aptitude, is fair, just, and full of warmth.

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