About TransGPT

TransGPT is the first open source traffic model in China, which is mainly dedicated to exerting practical value in the real traffic industry. It can realize functions such as traffic situation prediction, intelligent consultation assistant, public transportation service, traffic planning and design, traffic safety education, assistance management, traffic accident report and analysis, and automatic driving assistance system. TransGPT, as a general common sense transportation model, can provide general knowledge for road engineering, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, road transportation, waterway transportation, urban public transportation, transportation economy, transportation safety and other industries. Based on this, it can be settled in specific traffic application scenarios.

Model: TransGPT-7B, TransGPT-MM-6B Code: Basic training and inference code, Data: ~346,000 text data (for Pre-training in the field) ~58,000 dialogue data (for fine-tuning) Open source is free and commercially available: not only completely open to academic research, but only need to apply by email and obtain the official commercial license, it can be free commercial.

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